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Caring for your body starts with your skin

Use Guinot skincare this cold season, to keep your skin looking smooth, hydrated, and radiant, from head to toe! During winter your skin is even more prone to the effects of aging and dryness, particularly due to harsh winter winds and the use of dry indoor artificial heating and hot water. While you’re covered up, it’s important to not forget about your skin health, after all your skin is your largest organ!

Anti-aging solutions don’t have to be limited to skincare to your face, the rest of your skin needs to be shown some love too! Areas such as your neck and hands are some of the first to show early signs of aging, so it’s best to prevent them before more emerge. Nourish and protect your skin with Guinot’s Mirific Anti-Age body oil! It has two main benefits; it firms the skin by lengthening cell life and boosting collagen synthesis and nourishes by restoring the skin barrier and replenishing skin lipids. The best part is, its satin formula has no greasy, sticky residue that will prevent you from rugging up this winter, clothing can be worn straight away.

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Give the gift of youth with our guinot skincare gift sets. When purchasing a Guinot Sculpt expert cream, receive a FREE 50ml Orange Peel Skin Scrub. These products will pair together to help reverse aging processes by firming and reshaping the skin, through collagen and elastin support and production. Guinot’s orange peel scrub removes unwanted texture and dryness that can arise through the cold weather using both mechanical and enzymatic exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and encouraging the absorption of slimming ingredients such as coffee and ivy.

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You know what they say, winter is the best time to build your summer body. However, with Guinot, you can stay in the comfort of your home this winter and skip the gym, while still preparing for your Australian summer fun. Using our Slim Thermic Gel, you can target that stubborn cellulite and create a firmer and smoother appearance to the skin. There are three core ingredients that will help you minimise that dimpled or ‘orange- peel’ appearance to the skin and reduce adipocytes, the cells in which your fat is stored.

Thermolyse helps to activate the active ingredients within the product using heating effects, therefore catalysing the drainage of stubborn fat and toxins. Caffeine helps to trigger the lipolysis process and targets the triglycerides in the adipose tissue. Lastly, purple loosestrife extract helps to smooth the skin by targeting the hypodermal layer of the skin. Maximise your results by taking time to properly, and energetically massage the cream into the target areas in order to allow the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and rapidly remove fat.

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Finish off your skin care routine & boost your youthful glow on your face too, with our NEW Longue Vie & Anti-Aging Serum. Using 56 Cellular ingredients, including 20 different amino acids and 14 vitamins, molecules within the product can penetrate the epidermis and help to densify the skin through enforcing development and renewal of skin cells. The use of high molecular weight within the product helps the product to settle into wrinkles and fine lines in order to make the skin look more plump and healthy. Simply apply morning and evening after cleansing, and follow with your favourite moisturiser to optimise results.


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