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Slim Logic

Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatment
The Beauty Therapist will help you target your areas of concern. She will select the type of treatment that best suits your needs as well as your budget and time constraints. This treatment combines manual techniques and products rich in Caffeine to combat the two main causes of unwanted curves and cellulite: excess fat and fluid.

Treatment that reduces fat and reduces fluid

50 minutes

The treatment begins with active exfoliation: enzymatic exfoliation helps boost the absorption of active slimming ingredients and reinforces the treatment’s effectiveness. Moreover, it boosts the microcirculation to stimulate drainage.

The FAT-REDUCING massage combines effective manual techniques, known to mobilise fat and break down fat deposits, and Caffeine, which helps burn fat.

The final treatment step is the FLUID-REDUCING body wrap, which removes excess fluid in tissue.

This body wrap does not require showering as it peels right off.

Unwanted curves and the skin’s “orange peel” appearance are visibly reduced over the course of several treatments.


The anti-cellulite slimming treatment smooths the skin, helping to take those centimetres off and reshape the figure.
Waist: -1.6 cm*.
Hips: -1.6 cm**.
Thighs: -1.4 cm**.

After 6 treatments: *Panel of 12 volunteers. **Panel of 10 volunteers.

Treatment method using a TechniSpa machine

Treatment Secrets

The manual techniques were designed for maximum effectiveness on unwanted curves and cellulite. Caffeine reinforces these manoeuvres by helping to burn and break down fat.
The body wrap has a ‘sauna’ effect that drains through occlusion, helping to reduce cellulite.