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How To Have Gorgeous Looking Skin with GUINOT This Spring

This spring time, take action to minimise heavy skin products! It’s important that your products and how you use them reflect seasonal changes as our skin’s natural oils come back into balance after the dry winter in spring. GUINOT is here to help you decide what products you should incorporate this spring so you can get your glowy skin on!


Let’s be real with each other, winter skin is not exactly the most glamourous and a lot of us struggle to hydrate our skin.  During the winter months, too much exfoliation can strip moisture from your skin leaving it looking irritated, dull, and dry. In order to reverse these effects, use a gentle peeling wash to help keep skin soft and smooth and refine the texture of your skin, your complexion will become as radiant as ever! Try out GUINOT’s ‘Gommage Biologic’ Biological Peeling Radiance Gel, packed with natural fruit acids to help cellular regeneration. Another tip for clearer skin this spring is to remove any excess oils and blocked pores brought up from makeup. GUINOT ‘Gommage Facile Easy Body Scrub’ acts directly on the skin’s texture, stimulating blood circulation and improving oxygenation of the epidermis.

Gommage Biologique

Gommage Facile



The sun is now slowly starting to come out which means you’ll need to start upping the use of SPF. Protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is crucial for maintaining skin health. That means applying SPF under your makeup, which will help protect you from the sun and hold your foundation on for longer. ‘Youth Perfect Finish Cream SPF 50’ targets help rejuvenate the complexion, prevent photo-ageing and boost skin antioxidants. A plus side to this SPF is that it helps smooth and minimise pigmentation problems due to Vitamin C.

Youth perfect finish cream spf 50


Stay Hydrated

Hydration is just as important for your skin in the spring as it is in the winter. Cucumbers, lemon, and mint is the best water combo. The lemon and mint help aid digestion and the cucumber rehydrates along with delivering anti-inflammatory properties. Pair this with our Hydra Beaute mist to keep your skin looking supple and hydrated, plus it’s the perfect product to keep on the go as the weather gets warmer!

Brume hydrate beaute mist

Eye Cream

Eye cream may sound like something you don’t need until you’re older, but it’s smart to start using it now as an investment in your future skin. The skin around your eye is incredibly thin and using your regular moisturiser is too heavy. GUINOT’s ‘Crème Longue Vie Yeux’ contains 56 Active Ingredients that decongest dark circles and heavy eyelids. Your eyes will thank you in your later years!

Creame longue vie yeux

Light Moisturiser

Spring weather means humidity and sometimes even rain, which can leave you with oily, greasy-looking skin. GUINOT’s ‘Crème Hydra Beauté’ provides a long-lasting vital to moisturise the skin and smooths dehydrated lines, leaving the skin feeling fresh and moisture all day long. Simply apply over the face and neck every morning and evening.

Creme hydra beaute

Now that you’ve read about spring skin changes it’s time to put them into practice!

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