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Firming & Light Legs Treatments

Thermo-Relax Firming Treatment

“Body Firming Treatment”

45 minutes

The Technispa® Thermo-Relax Firming Treatment combines 3 simultaneous firming actions to reshape the figure comfortably.

The treatment begins by applying the Thermo-Relax Firming Actiserum. Then TECHNISPA is used to carry out a series of manoeuvres that focus primarily on the thighs, waist, back, nape and arms to tone and firm. In addition to firming, the constant heat-diffusing function provides a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Light Legs Treatment

“Decongests, refines and restores comfort to the legs”

30 minutes

Ideal for people who suffer from swelling and discomfort of the legs.

The Technispa® Light Legs Treatment combines 2 simultaneous detoxifying actions.

Due to the effectiveness of the Technispa® manoeuvres combined with the detoxifying active ingredients contained in the Actiserum, the legs feel light and refreshed in just 30 minutes.


Thermo-Relax Firming Treatment to RELAX, TONE and SCULPT the body.
Average improvement in thigh firmness: + 44%*.
100%* of women stated that they experienced relaxation and well-being.
Light Legs Treatment to DETOXIFY, SOOTHE and REFINE the legs.
Average increase in knee circumference: – 1.2 cm**.
100%** of women felt a draining effect and a sensation of lightness and freshness.

*Tests carried out on 5 women after 6 Technispa® Advanced System Thermo-Relax Firming Treatments.
**Tests carried out on 5 women after 6 Technispa® Advanced System Light Legs Treatments.

Treatment method using a TechniSpa machine

Treatment Secrets

Contains a high concentration of natural active ingredients that act in synergy to fight cellulite and encourage its elimination. Bromelain, a pineapple extract, ‘breaks up’ fatty deposits and promotes the absorption of Caffeine, which is known to burn and eliminate fat.