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Equilibre Purete

Purifying Anti-Imperfection Treatment

Exclusive Treatment Method to…

Restore balance and purify the skin. Imperfections are attenuated. The skin is shine-free and even-toned.

The skin is composed of micro-organisms (bacteria) that live on the epidermal surface. This microbial flora is called SKIN MICROBIOTA.

These micro-organisms form a “PROTECTIVE ACIDIC ENVIRONMENT” against external stress factors.

It is therefore essential to maintain balance in the skin’s ecosystem by preventing:

  • The uncontrolled proliferation of bacteria,
  • Harmful bacteria from settling onto the skin, which lead to the appearance of blemishes.


In 40 minutes, the skin regains it’s healthy balance.

Skin imperfections are attenuated.

Skin pores are visibly tightened.

The skin is clearer, radiantly beautiful, matte and even-toned.

Manual Treatment Method

Treatment Secrets

The heating exfoliator has double action:
  • Its thermal action opens up the skin pores to help eliminate sebum and extract blackheads.
  • Its enzymatic action eliminates dead cells that clog pores and promotes cell renewal for perfectly regenerated skin.
The purifying mask purifies the skin deep-down by absorbing excess sebum and eliminating impurities from the skin. Moreover, it mattifies the skin’s surface, without causing it to become dry. Thanks to it’s creamy texture, the skin remains supple and skin pores dilated. This allows for optimal blackhead extraction.
After the exfoliation and mask application, the skin is suppler and the plug formed by the blackhead is softened and smaller, making extraction easier and painless. Skin pores re unclogged and refined.
Serum restores balance to sebum production to fight against unsightly shine and the appearance of new blemishes. In addition, it tightens pores and mattifies the skin. The ACNILOGIC Serum Cream regulates and restores the balance to the skin. Sebum secretion is regulated, shine is eliminated.