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The perfect eye cream for you

As we age and go through the stresses of everyday life, your eyes are the first place to show signs of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. With the skin around your eyes being particularly delicate and thinner, it’s important to use the right products to keep the skin moisturized and nourished.

To instantly brighten and refresh the eyes, the fresh eye cream reduced puffiness and dark circles, targeting the contours of the eyes with a cooling metal applicator. With specialised active ingredients such as cornflower water to soften the skin, mango butter for nourishing and avocado extract to soothe and protect the skin, the eyes will look and feel refreshed.

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If you particularly struggle with dryness and flakiness on the eye lid along with crows feet and wrinkles, the Hydrazone Eye Cream serum is perfect for you. Using hydro-liposomes and nourishing ingredients such as shea fruit oil and horse chestnut extract, the skin will be softened and moisturised in order to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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For more mature skin with pronounced wrinkles, dark circles and heavy eyelids, the lifting youth cream utilises a cellular complex with 56 active ingredients to target ageing from the intracell and deep layers of the skin. Horse Chestnut extract will decongest the area and help with heaviness around the eye area along with brightening dark circles, while Lifto proteins decrease the depth of wrinkles, helping to smooth the area.

Utilising effective eye creams that target droopy lids and wrinkles is also a great way to ensure that makeup such as your under eye concealer will apply smoothly on top of your rejuvenated and youthful skin.

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For firming and toning, try the Age Logic Eye Cream, which will revitalise the eye contour, reduce puffy skin on the eyelid and minimise the appearance of crows feet around the outer corners of the eye. This is particularly effective in kick-starting cellular functions through oxygenation and metabolism, with active ingredients that will regenerate and revitalise tired cells. This is paired with Vitamin C & E to prevent damage and the formation of radicals from environmental factors.

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Now that you’ve found your perfect new eye cream, it’s important to also know that you’re applying it correctly and consistently! Here’s a few eye cream tips to make sure you’re maximising the use of the product:

1.Use your ring finger to apply! The skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate and fragile areas of the face, and by applying the product in a rough manner, you’ll be doing more bad than good by dragging and pulling on the skin. By using your ring finger and gently dabbing the product into the skin, you’ll be maximising the effects of the product and not causing more damage to the skin.

2.Cool down your eye cream. After a long day, make the most of the eye cream experience and maximise the de-puffing and cooling effects by putting your eye cream in the fridge for a few minutes. For those who apply their eye cream in the morning, it’s also a great way to wake up tired eyes!

3.Apply your eye cream right after cleansing. With slightly damp, clean skin, the products will absorb into the skin best, and maximise your results. By using this as a follow up step after cleansing, it’s a great way to make sure you’re staying consistent!