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Dark Spot

Unveiling Australia’s Top 3 Dark Spot Reducing Products by Guinot

Dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, can be a pesky blemish on an otherwise flawless complexion. These spots, caused by an overproduction of melanin, can appear due to various reasons such as ageing or prolonged sun exposure. Thankfully, we at Guinot, have a great range of products specifically designed to combat dark spots and restore a radiant, even skin tone.

1. Serum Anti-Taches:
This powerful serum is formulated to target dark spots caused by both ageing and sun exposure. Enriched with Vitamin C it works to lower initial melanin levels in the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of existing dark spots and preventing the formation of new ones. Additionally, the inclusion of Phytic acid refines and smoothens the skin’s texture, while 56 cellular ingredients stimulate cell renewal for a more youthful appearance.
For the best results, simply mix the serum with pure Vitamin C and apply it morning and evening before moisturising. It’s important to note that the product contains pure Vitamin C, which may vary in colour over time.

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2. Newhite Concentre Anti-Taches:
This Perfect Brightening Anti-Dark Spot Cream targets excess pigmentation to lighten brown spots and even out skin tone. Key ingredients such as Melanoxyl and Stabilised Vitamin C work together to reduce melanin production induced by UV rays, while Actiwhite targets dark spots to visibly reduce their size and quantity. Additionally, Vitamin E provides anti-free radicals and antioxidant properties, promoting healthier-looking skin.
For best results, apply the cream morning and evening to brown spots before your face cream for at least 14 days, avoiding eye contours.

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3. Age Refill Summum Mask:
This luxurious mask promises to erase signs of ageing upon waking, leaving the skin visibly smoother, plumper, and denser. Designed as an intensive 3-day treatment, this mask deeply penetrates the skin and is filled with amazing active ingredients. It also features Hyaluronic Acid, which triggers the production of natural hyaluronic acid to smooth away wrinkles and plump up the skin from within.
The Age Refill Summum Mask is an amazing anti-ageing treatment thanks to its Refill Complex, which includes Rambutan Extract to stimulate the creation of elastic fibres and Vitamin C to correct pigmentation flaws and energise the skin. The Immune Complex protects cells responsible for the skin’s immune system and youthful appearance.
To use, simply apply a generous amount of the mask to thoroughly cleanse the skin in the evening and do not rinse.
In conclusion, at Guinot, we offer an impressive array of products dedicated to reducing dark spots and achieving a luminous, even complexion. Whether you opt for the Serum Anti-Taches, Newhite Concentre Anti-Taches, or Age Refill Summum Mask, you can trust Guinot to deliver effective solutions for your skincare concerns. Say goodbye to dark spots and hello to radiant, youthful-looking skin with Guinot’s top-notch formulations.

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