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All you need to know about GUINOT Toners

GUINOT was founded in France, where they still reside today but has taken over the world with their advanced professional skincare! GUINOT creates unique products and treatments enriched with active ingredients that are constantly on the cutting-edge of science and technology. GUINOT’s philosophy is that every person’s skin is different and is exposed to different environmental conditions at different times. By focusing on how to achieve beautiful skin, GUINOT has designed exclusive and innovative treatment methods that have conquered the hearts of women all over the world who wish to look their best. Over the years, the effectiveness of its treatments and products have made GUINOT stand out as a global leading brand for Professional Salons in the Beauty industry.

GUINOT therapist, Nicola recommends the following skincare routine.

  1. Double Cleanse, tone and moisturise – twice a day
  2. Exfoliate – twice a week
  3. Masque – twice a week
  4. Serums – twice a year

This blog will mainly be focusing on the toning technique of your skincare routine!

Toner, some may believe it to be a marketing myth, and an unnecessary part of a skincare routine and others are absolutely in love with its skin-balancing effects. So, what does toner actually do? Toners contain a variety of soothing, brightening, and anti-aging ingredients that nourish and replenish the skin after cleansing and act as a primer for the rest of your skincare products.

What are the benefits of GUINOT Toner?

  • Removes impurities: Toner removes oil and traces of dirt, bacteria, and makeup. It also removes the dust, pollution, and impurities that can still be lingering after washing with a cleanser.
  • Protects skin: Toners work to close up any gaps in the skin cells, which reduces the risk of impurities finding their way into the skin (plus, this has the added benefit of making pores appear smaller).

How do you apply GUINOT Toner?

It’s best applied by adding it to a round cotton wool pad, gently blotting the skin. Many Toners will recommend applying with your hands directly to skin, try not to do that as the bacteria from your hands will be transferred.

The toning process varies depending on which cleanser you use. If you are using something like a milky cleanser, then it is ideal to tone after. This completes the skin cleansing routine, rebalances the PH and refreshes the skin.

GUINOT Hydra Fraicheur Toning Lotion 200ml

This GUINOT toner completes the process of makeup removal, tones, refreshes and remineralises the skin all while keeping the skin moisturised. This gentle, non-foaming, alcohol free and surfactant free formula contains ginseng extract and aloe vera extract.

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GUINOT Hydra Beaute Toning Lotion 200ml

GUINOT Hydra Beaute softens, soothes, and protects dry skin. This GUINOT toner is also gentle, non-foaming, alcohol-free and surfactant-free formula. It contains Lotus extract which has an anti-free radical effect, Allantoin which softens and soothes the skin and Fig extract which brings moisture to the surface of the skin and reduces water loss.

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