GUINOT Advent Calendar


GUINOT Advent Calendar $473.00


Explore the magic of beauty with the Guinot Advent Calendar. Every day offers an exceptional surprise, revealing the luxurious essence of Guinot skincare.

In each box, immerse yourself in a world of innovative treatments, formulated with the excellence and expertise that characterize the brand. From iconic products to exclusive new creations, this calendar offers a complete wellness experience to sublimate your skin day after day.

Discover delicate textures, captivating scents, and visible results at every opening. Each carefully selected product transports you on a sensory journey, revealing Guinot’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

We like to think of it a celebration box. Treat yourself, any time of the year.

Calendar content

Calendar content :
  • 24 pieces
Anti-Wrinkle Mask tube 20ml
Beauté Neuve Cream tube 15ml
Hydra Tendre Cleansing Cream tube 15ml
Micellaire Cleansing Water bottle 30ml
Longue Vie Cream tube 15ml
AcniLogic Gel tube 5ml
Hydra Beauté Mask tube 20ml
Hydrazone Cream tube 15ml
Eye Make-up Remover bottle 30ml
Longue Vie Hand Cream tube 15ml
Nutriscience Balm tube 30ml
Hydrazone Shower Care tube 30ml
Mirific Shower Gel tube 30ml
Eclat Parfait Scrub tube 10ml
Biologic Exfoliating Gel tube 10ml
Orange Peel Skin Scrub tube 30ml
Hydra Beauté Cream tube 15ml
Hydrazone Corps Lotion tube 30ml
Jambes Légères Gel tube 30ml
Hydrazone Eye Cream Serum tube 5ml
Longue Vie Foot Cream tube 15ml
Easy Scrub tube 30ml
Masters Colours : My Sophisticated Matt Lipstick
Masters Colours : Masters Nail Polish