Serum Age Logic Yeux


Serum Age Logic Yeux 15ml

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‘- Smoothes and protects the eye contour
– Reduces signs of ageing for more youthful eye contour
– Banishes signs of fatigue


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Active Ingredients & Effects

– Encapsulated ATP: biological energy to stimulate cellular
vital functions.
– Actinergie: increases cellular oxygenation and stimulates cell
– Cellular Life Complex : 56 biological actives essential to skin cell
– Hydrocyte Complex: moisturises and binds water to cells and
replenishes dehydration lines.
– Eyeliss: combats puffy eyes and heavy eyelids.


– Apply at night onto the eyelids and eye contours. Using the fingertips,
smooth the product from the inner corners toward the outer corners.
– Can be used as a treatment course.