Serum Cream Acnilogic


Acnilogic Cream Serum

Serum Cream Acnilogic $89.00

‘- Diminishes imperfections
– Normalises and rebalances the skin
– Purifies and matifies the skin

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pump 30ml

Active Ingredients & Effects

– Acnicidine: complex of 5 powerful actives which fight in
synergy to rebalance the skin, tighten dilated pores, soothe
redness and eliminate shine.
– Mattifying Powders: absorb the sebum and mattify the skin.
– Alcohol: disinfects and dries imperfections.
– Hydrociline: moisturises.
– Vitamin E: combats the formation of free radicals.


– Apply over the face under your usual cream, morning and/or
– Can be used as a one-month treatment to be renewed
according to skin needs.