Lift Summum Mask


Instant “Lifting*” Firming Mask

Lift Summum Mask $184.00
  • The skin appears tighter, as if “lifted”
  • Lines and wrinkles look smoother
  • The skin has a smoother, visibly more “dense” appearance


Active Ingredients & Effects

    • Helps smooth the facial features and combat skin slackening by forming a film that firms and ‘lifts’.
    • Combats skin laxity due to its instant and intense firming effect.
  • FIRMING ACTION LONGEVITINE (Alaria Esculenta seaweed extract):
    • Boosts collagen synthesis and prevents collagen and elastin fibres from deteriorating. Increases cell life.
    • Promotes the synthesis of key proteins responsible for improving skin structure. Improves the structure and organisation of the skin by helping to restructure collagen fibres, create elastic fibres and improve cell and fibre cohesion, resulting in a stronger, more resilient skin structure.


  • Apply to the face in a thick layer:
    • In the morning, to give skin a firmer appearance, or;
    • In the evening, to minimise signs of fatigue that have appeared over the course of the day.

Leave for 10 minutes then remove the mask with a wet cotton pad and rinse. Avoid the eye contour.

Additional Information

  • 50ml tube