Crème Protection Reparatrice


Protection Repartrice Cream

Crème Protection Reparatrice $95.00

‘- Defends the skin against environmental aggressions
– Soothes feelings of discomfort
– Leaves the skin comfortable and supple

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tube 50ml

Active Ingredients & Effects

– Omega 6: an Essential Fatty Acid (necessary for proper
functioning of the hydro-lipid skin barrier).
– Phytoprotectol: soothes.
– Avocado extract: protects and soothes.
– Hydrastructurine: moisturises.
– Shea butter: nourishes.


– Apply morning and/or evening onto the face and neck.
– May be used as a one month cure. To renew according to the
skin needs.
– May be applied alone or on your usual cream.