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Longue Vie + Cream

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Crème Longue Vie + $240.00

Rejuvenating cream to diminish signs of aging.

Regenerates and revitalises the skin with the intensified concentration of 56 Cellular Ingredients

– Plumps up, smooths and hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid (high and low molecular weight)

– Helps protect the DNA of cells, restores and maintains younger-looking skin


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jar 50ml

Active Ingredients & effects

  • Increased concentration of 56 CELLULAR INGREDIENTS – Stimulate metabolism, Promote cell regeneration.
  • Reinforced with HYALURONIC ACID – Smooths away wrinkles and plumps up skin.
  • Reinfporced by Cell Activ, helps protect the DNA of cells, contributing to restoring and maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin.


Apply morning and evening to thoroughly cleansed face and neck.