Slim Thermic Gel


Slimming Heating Effect Gel

Slim Thermic Gel $120.00
  • The dimpled appearance of stubborn cellulite is attenuated
  • The skin looks firmer and smoother
  • The orange-peel aspect is diminished

Active Ingredients & Effects

THERMOLYSE: creates a sensation of sustained heat. Helps
the active ingredients penetrate the skin and works to more
rapidly “burn” fat. Drains fat and toxins to diminish the dimpled
appearance of cellulite.

CAFFEINE: helps break down and eliminate fat by triggering
lipolysis of triglycerides in the adipose tissue.

ADIPOSCULPT – Purple Loosestrife Extract: helps reduce fat
storage and diminish the thickness of the hypodermal layer for
smoother skin.


Apply the heat-activated gel immediately after a shower
to towel-dried skin, morning and/or evening. Energetically
massage into problem areas for a few minutes until the product
is perfectly absorbed. Rinse hands well after application. Avoid
contact with the eyes. Do not apply to mucous membranes.


Tube 125ml