Gommage Facile


Easy Body Scrub

Gommage Facile $72.00

‘- Exfoliates and cleanses the skin perfectly
– The skin is silky soft
– The skin visibly appears smoother and revitalised

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tube 200ml

Active Ingredients & Effects

– Loofa extracts (vegetable fiber extracted from the fruits of a
tropical plant): eliminates dead cells and impurities from the
epidermal surface.
– Lamesoft: a soft cleansing agent from Coconut, Corn and
Sunflowers: softens and protects the skin.
– Exfoliating Particles: Polyethylene grains: provide a mechanical
exfoliating action on skin that completes the action of cleansing
agents and Loofa fibers.


– Use on wet skin using circular movements, paying particular
attention to rough parts (elbows, knees, heels).