Foot Peeling

Softens and Rejuvenates the feet

Foot Peeling Treatment

Softens and rejuvenates the feet

30 minutes

This peeling treatment, specifically designed for the feet, renews the skin on the feet, restoring softness and a more youthful appearance in just two steps.
The Beauty Therapist begins the treatment by applying Gel Peeling on the thick, rough skin of the sole of the foot, where the skin is often calloused. This has a ‘peeling effect’ in just 15 minutes.
The treatment continues with the application of Longue Vie Pieds on the sole and arch of the foot for an instant ‘regenerating effect’.

By the end of the treatment, the skin on the feet has been renewed. The skin feels soft, smooth and intensely


100%* of test subjects observed a significant reduction in rough skin.
100%* of test subjects said their skin was soft, smooth, moisturised
and comfortable and that the appearance of their feet had improved.

*Results after 1 treatment, carried out in accordance with the treatment protocol, on a panel of 13 test subjects. Retouched photo

Treatment Secrets


The pH alkali formula has been specifically developed to exfoliate the stratum corneum of the sole of the foot. When combined with a single-use foot rasp, this treatment restores softness to the feet.


When applied to the sole of the foot, the cream renews the skin and instantly restores a youthful appearance with 56 Cellular Ingredients.


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