Aromatic Corps

Relaxation And Self-Tanning Treatments

Soft and Relaxing Body Treatment

60 minutes

This massage detoxifies your skin and provides you with a moment of relaxation and absolute plenitude.

Sugar and Kiwi Exfoliating Treatment
Gently lifts and removes dead skin cells.
It leaves the skin with a soft and velvet finish.

Relaxing massage

This full massage combines your Beauty Therapist’s expert hands and essential oils to provide well-being and relaxation.

Self-Tanning Treatment

50 minutes

After a preparatory exfoliation, your Beauty Therapist applies a self-tanning milk to the entire body. It offers an even, golden tan that looks incredibly natural.


Soft and Relaxing Body Treatment: You can experience a wonderful feeling of well-being and relaxation.
Self-Tanning Treatment: Your skin looks beautiful, and you have an incredibly natural-looking tan.

Manual Treatment Method

Treatment Secrets


The Sugar and Kiwi in the scrub enable complete and effective exfoliation of the skin.

The natural particles eliminate impurities and dead skin cells. The skin is clean, soft and comfortable.


Essential Oils are concentrated plant extracts with extraordinary virtues. The Relaxing Oil releases tension and awakens the senses with a blend of Marjoram and Lavender Essential Oils.

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