Crème Minceur Chrono Logic



Minceur Chrono Logic Slimming Cream

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‘- The skin is smooth and firm
– The figure is slimmer and shapelier
– The skin’s orange peel appearance is visibly reduced

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tube 125ml

Active Ingredients & Effects

– Cellulysium®: favours slimming, inhibits lipogenesis and
activates lipolysis.
– Bromelain: stimulates the penetration of slimming active
– Lipase: hydrolyses the triglycerides stored in the adipocytes.
– Caffeine: slims by acting on the lipolysis of triglycerides stored in
the adipocytes.
– Vitamin E: prevents free radicals from forming.


– Using circular movements, apply morning and evening to the
areas of concern as an intensive 15-day treatment.